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IT Security and Cryptography

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tibor Jager


  • New team member: Jan Drees
    A hearty welcome to Jan Drees! He will focus his research on applications of modern machine learning... [more]
  • Interview about FIDO2
    Prof. Tibor Jager was asked by the Handelsblatt about the FIDO2 standard. [more]
  • New team members: Jutta Maerten and Pascal Bemmann
    A warm welcome to Jutta Maerten, who is strengthening our team in the administrative area, and... [more]
  • DAAD to fund international cooperation with NTNU Trondheim
    The joint research proposal "Key Exchange for Today's Internet" by Dr Gareth Davies (BUW) and... [more]
  • Accepted paper at PETS 2020
    The work "T0RTT: Non-Interactive Immediate Forward-Secret Single-Pass Circuit Construction" by Kai... [more]
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New research result "On the Security of RSA-PSS in the Wild"

The paper by Saqib A. Kavki was accepted for presentation at the Security Standardisation Research Conference (SSR) 2019.

Digital signature schemes are often considered "in isolation" in cryptography. In practice, however, the same public key is often used for more than one scheme. Therefore classical security proofs do not apply.

This paper presents the first security proof for the important RSA-PSS and RSA-PKCS#1 v1.5 signature schemes that holds even if the same key pair is used for both schemes simultaneously.

This is a positive result that provides evidence that the re-use of keys, as done for instance by many Web servers on the Internet, is secure.