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IT Security and Cryptography

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tibor Jager


  • Accepted paper to the Computer Journal
    The paper "A Modern View on Forward Security" by Kai Gellert (in collaboration with Colin Boyd from... [more]
  • Accepted paper at ICICS 2020
    The research paper "Client-oblivious OPRAM" by Gareth T. Davies and co-authors Christian Janson (TU... [more]
  • Accepted paper at CRYPTO 2020
    The research paper "Fast and Secure Updatable Encryption" by Gareth T. Davies and co-authors Colin... [more]
  • Tibor Jager invited to the programme committee of the IEEE Security and Privacy 2021 conference
    The IEEE Security and Privacy conference ("Oakland") ist the flagship conference of IEEE in IT... [more]
  • Saqib A. Kakvi invited to the programme committee of Security Standardisation Research Conference 2020
    The Security Standardisation Research (SSR) Conference is a leading conference where experts from... [more]
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Accepted paper at ACISP 2020

The research paper "Efficient Forward-Secure Threshold Public Key Encryption" by Rafael Kurek, has been accepted for publication at this year's Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy, which is scheduled to take place in Perth, Australia in November.