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IT Security and Cryptography

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tibor Jager


  • PhD Defense: Dr.-Ing. Peter Chvojka
    Dr.-Ing. Peter Chvojka successfully defended his PhD thesis "Time Reveals The Truth - More Efficient... [more]
  • Kai Gellert appointed to a tenured position
    Kai Gellert was appointed to a tenured position (Akademischer Rat) with effect from April 2. [more]
  • Tibor Jager invited to the program committee of the IEEE Security and Privacy 2022 conference
    The IEEE Security and Privacy conference ("Oakland") ist the flagship conference of IEEE in IT... [more]
  • 4 Accepted Papers at PKC 2021
    Last week, four papers have been accepted to the 24th International Conference on Practice and... [more]
  • Accepted paper at EUROCRYPT 2021
    The paper "Tightly-Secure Authenticated Key Exchange, Revisited" was accepted to EUROCRYPT 2021, one... [more]
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Accepted paper to the Computer Journal

The paper "A Modern View on Forward Security" by Kai Gellert (in collaboration with Colin Boyd from the NTNU Norway) has been accepted to the "The Computer Journal".

It is about the security property "forward security", which is often used in modern protcols to render mass storage of data useless. The paper investigates and categorizes how forward security can be achieved in non-interactive protocols (such as email or messenger apps).