Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tibor Jager

Kai Gellert Appointed "Akademischer Rat auf Lebenszeit"

19.04.2024|07:32 Uhr

Kai Gellert was appointed "Akademischer Rat auf Lebenszeit" on April 2nd, 2024.

Kai studied IT Security and Information Engineering at the Ruhr University Bochum and then joined our group at Paderborn University and the University of Wuppertal as a research assistant. In 2020 he received his doctorate with distinction, the title of his dissertation is Construction and Security Analysis of 0-RTT Protocols. Since then, he has been researching and teaching on various topics of modern real-world cryptography.

"I really enjoy working in the group and I'm looking forward to everything we'll be building here in Wuppertal over the next years!" says Kai Gellert. "Not only is his research excellent, he is also a great fit for the team personally. I appreciate his many contributions to our group very much." adds Tibor Jager.

Kai also does an excellent job as a teacher; the evaluations of his courses are always outstandingly good. "The only problem with Kai is that his course evaluations are often a little bit better than my own," says Tibor with a smile.

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