Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tibor Jager

Two Publications at ACM CCS 2024

10.07.2024|06:25 Uhr

Two works co-authored by our group members have been accepted to the Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2024, one of the flagship conferences on IT security.

The paper "Password-Protected Key Retrieval with(out) HSM Protection" written by Tobias Handirk and Máté Horváth in cooperation with Sebastian Faller (IBM Research Europe / ETH Zurich), Julia Hesse (IBM Research Europe), and Anja Lehmann (Hasso-Plattner-Institute, University of Potsdam) has been accepted. The paper proposes efficient and provably secure protocols for creating a backup of cryptographic keys while relying on hardware security modules in different corruption settings.

The paper "ISABELLA: Improving Structures of Attribute-Based Encryption Leveraging Linear Algebra" written by Marloes Venema in cooperation with Doreen Riepel (UC San Diego) and Tanya Verma (Tinfoil) has been accepted. ISABELLA is a framework for constructing efficient pairing-based attribute-based encryption with advanced functionalities under strong security guarantees. As a direct result of our framework, we obtain various improvements for existing (multi-authority) schemes as well as new schemes.

CCS is one of the flagship conferences in security and will take place in Salt Lake City, U.S.A. on October 14-18, 2024.

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